2014 SEA Trophy Result

2014 South East Asian (SEA) Trophy was held on December 5-7, 2014 at Imperial World Ice Skating, Thailand. 20 skaters represented Indonesia (6 short track and 14 figure skater).

  • Aryanto Kurniawan (Short Track)
    Senior Men: (500M) 5th position, (1.000M) 4th position, & (1.500M) 4th position.
  • Bayu Bimantoro Sidoyono (Short Track)
    Senior Men: (500M) 4th position, (1.000M) 5th position, & (1.500M) 5th position.
  • Rahmah Osya Samudra (Short Track)
    Junior C Ladies: (333M) 3rd position, (500M) 2nd position, & (1.000M) 1st position.
  • Rafaela (Short Track)
    Junior C Ladies: (333M) 4th position, (500M) 5th position (heats), & (1.000M) 4th position.
  • Audrey Indrianti Lesmana (Short Track)
    Junior D Ladies: (333M) 2nd position, (500M) 4th position, & (1.000M) 4th position.
  • Mikayla Bunga Alivia (Short Track)
    Junior C Ladies: (333M) 5th position (heats), (500M) 3rd position, & (1.000M) 5th position (heats).
  • Aurelia Nathania Luvena
    Basic Pre-Novice Girls, 9th position.
  • Michelle Edgina Axille
    Basic Pre-Novice Girls, 12th position.
  • Kelly Elizabeth Supangat
    Basic Novice Girls Subgroup A, 4th position.
  • Lyvia Anabelle Simano
    Basic Novice Girls Subgroup A, 16th position.
  • Tasya Putri Setiabudiawan
    Basic Novice Girls Subgroup B, 6th position.
  • Allison Chan
    Basic Juvenile Girls, 3rd position.
  • Cahaya Rifan
    Basic Pre-Novice Girls, 16th position.
  • Nathania Nauli
    Advanced Pre-Novice Girls, 6th position.
  • Flavia Gabriella Tedjarutjianta
    Advanced Pre-Novice Girls, 7th position.
  • Ayu Madana Dhasny
    Basic Pre-Novice Girls, 17th position.
  • Aivi Thajeb
    Basic Pre-Novice Girls, 15th position.
  • Dwiki Eka Ramadhan
    Elite Junior Men, 3rd position.
  • Chilly Ann Sintana Wongso
    Advanced Juvenile Girls, 3rd position.
  • Vivian Christabel
    Basic Novice Girls Subgroup A, 18th position.

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